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Our video production division: of ree-source.com offers turn key on-site multi-camera production services and live video streaming capabilities allowing you to connect to your audience world-wide. We help you realize your vision by structuring each production to align with your creative vision. From single camera web-chats to high-profile multi-camera shows, we have the expertise and equipment to bring your ideas to life.

ree-source.com is a must-have marketing team for brands who produce live events empowering you to expand your live event beyond a single location. To maximize the benefits, we offer brands & agencies comprehensive consultation and collaboration services for fully customized campaigns and marketing programs. Connect with the our team to set up a meeting to review capabilities, see case studies and brainstorm concepts.

In addition to having a wide range of video and mirrorless cameras and top of the line audio equipment, we offer an integrated solution to produce your HD live show with maximum creative firepower. Your ‘live’ event will create ‘lift’ to boost your content strategy while keeping your brand consistent, and your audience engaged. We bring the world’s most powerful integrated effects system to your event, where we create a mind-blowing, custom-branded visual masterpiece. We let you blaze your own path through productions of any scale.

At the center of your live production is our TriCaster switcher, which provides complete media production, ‘live’ production capabilities, multi-track ISO recording at 4k, and the world’s most powerful multimedia effects system, to make a bigger impact from any location.