Board Member: North County Cancer Fitness

Fitness is now an essential component of cancer recovery. Survivors are advised to get moving, exercise, eat healthy and stay fit. North County Cancer Fitness is a non-profit fitness and wellness resource organization. Volunteers manage all fitness classes, website and resource management, and outreach to the cancer survivor community.

Reese is a member of the Board of Directors since early 2019 and manages the development and implementation of all marketing, design, web and tech development.


– Implementation of the Google G-Suite platform was launched in the Spring
– Launch of the new website was completed in April 2019
– Staff and volunteer training of the new tech eco-system was complete in June 2019


– The redesigned email campaigns generated the highest ever number of emails opened (49%) and highest click through rate ever (29.5%).
– Organic traffic to the website has increased 63% since the new site launched.
– The launch of the new EoS location in Oceanside had more attendees and signups then hoped.
– The forms are allowing easier ingest / registration of new participants, to the delight of the volunteers who input the information.
– Facebook ad sets for the past 60 days designed to promote NCCF have increased enrollment 310%


– 13 videos were shot in May 2019, with two explainer videos and 7 testimonials.
– 3 additional videos were shot to promote health and wellness events.
– Visit the website to see the videos.

Visit the newly launched website: