Website + Video + Email: Fidelity National Title

The challenge: Fidelity National Title, FNFV (NYSE), sought to modernize the Executive Sales staff website template and provide the users the ability to easily modify and add pages. Our research at the time determined that 57% of page views (sent from mass emails) were from mobile devices and tablets yet the old site was incompatible for viewing on mobile devices.

The result:

>> The new website is a WordPress template with parallax and responsive features. In addition to the redesign, the site was reorganized requiring fewer clicks and a more intuitive workflow. The San Diego Title Team website was the first to be implemented and includes 86 published pages.

>> A series of videos over the course of several years contributed to the extensive library of content found at the website and featured on their Facebook personal and business pages.

>> A strategy was implemented to send client and prospect emails via A|B split campaigns utilizing Highrise and Mailchimp. Over the past 4 years the email campaigns have averages between 42% and 66% open rates, and 4.57% to 6.6% click thru rates.

One unique feature is a contact form that sends a message directly to a mobile device, speeding up the response time from the sales team.

A screenshot above the fold of the new site:



Old Site: