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Funnel Campaign Yields Huge ROAS, More Than Twice Industry


An agriculture extension school of Cal Poly University was faced with a unique challenge due to COVID-19. The traditional marketing and sales process for new student enrollment was now unavailable. Ree-Source was hired to develop the first ever online digital marketing campaign for the extension school with a minimum enrollment threshold that seemed impossible.


We began our engagement with our proprietary 6 Point Marketing Matrix in order to accurately evaluate the current marketing process, understand the typical student profile, and assess the current digital assets including emails and video media. This led to crafting a set of detailed marketing funnels and creating new digital assets. Online ads were written and pre-tests of the campaign were conducted.

The basic funnel design began with the social media ads which led inquiries to a landing page / Zoom webinar registration process. After which, webinar attendees had the option to either sign up for class ($4,500) or schedule a meeting at their convenience with a calendar app.

Our greatest challenge was getting prospects to sign up for an expensive class when they had never considered school as an option for their life. Our greatest concern was the high price and would this be too high a hurdle. After all, zero to (say) $29 is a challenge for funnel marketing, zero to $4,500 is a MASSIVE challenge.


The five-week campaign was a big success and generated a 7.43 ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), more than double typical industry results.  The ads placed on Google and Facebook generated over 365,000 in Reach. Two additional student prospects have expressed interest in a future class.