eMail Design: A|B Split Mass Email Campaign + Video

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A|B Split Mass Email Campaign + Video

Client: Fidelity National Title

Designed to feature one unique aspect of a popular Fidelity Title app called “TitleForce,” the email campaign included a demo video and tested two variants of a subject line for maximum results. The email campaign was targeted to the top 60% in the email data list, based upon prior engagement levels.

Results: The open rate for this campaign was 43.9%, and the click thru rate was 4.5% Industry average is 17.7% open rate and 3.0% click-thru rate. The A|B split was conducted on the first 20%; 10% for “A” group and 10% for “B” group.

Group A: “Create A Walking Farm With Fidelity’s TitleForce App”
Results: 47.6% open rate and 3.4% click-thru rate

Group B: “Fidelity TitleForce Walking Farm – Create a Walking Farm”
Results: 41.7% open rate and a all-time-record 7.6% click-thru rate

The remaining emails were sent to the winner (Group “A”).

The conversion goal was simply to have a 6% visitor response that acknowledged the email, and/or placed an order for company services. The goal was met.

A small group of recipients from Group A were asked what they liked about the subject line. The leading part of the subject line, “Create a Walking Farm…” captured the users curiosity, and they had to further explore the solution.

Click on the image to view the webpage and watch the video.

Screen Shot Email Campaign Walk Your Farm