Print On Demand System Upgrade for Fortune 500 Client

At the time the engagement began, a failing and costly print on demand/print fulfillment system was in place that served only 4 of the 12 companies in the division.

My directive was (1) to analyze the current system, (2) to evaluate all potential vendors who could fulfill the POD and print requirements, (3) make recommendations to the Corporate Executives, and (4) plan the direct the integration process.

Key criteria were specific vendor requirements such as they must have an International footprint, offer POD software that could seamlessly integrate with disparate ERP and/or CRM systems, provide print pricing that was less than the current pricing, and a very user-friendly POD interface.

Eleven International print vendors were evaluated and scored using a customized weighing system which I created, along with 7 POD software systems in order to reach the final recommendation.

My analysis of the current POD ecosystem along with vendor evaluations/scores were presented to all Executives and stakeholders involved in November 2013. Upon which, the finalist was selected, contracts drafted and signed, and development started soon thereafter.

Further analysis of each company within the division was conducted by me in order to carefully plan the integration from the print vendor’s POD system to each company’s ERP and/or CRM system. The integration process successfully began in June 2014.